A Few of the Books I’ve Written


Writing in Overdrive — Kindle Edition

Writing in Overdrive — Trade Paperback

In WRITING IN OVERDRIVE, Jim Denney shows you how to: • Write so fast you’ll have no time for self-doubt. • Organize your time and workspace to be more productive. • Set ambitious yet attainable productivity goals. • Overcome self-defeating habits and inner resistance to writing daily. • Tap into the power of writing “in the zone” whenever you choose. • Use powerful “writing rituals” to prepare yourself to write. • Be aware and focused yet relaxed as you write. • Become undistractible—even when surrounded by distractions. • Leverage the motivational energy of NaNoWriMo. • Eliminate writer’s block. • and much MORE. (June 2013)

cover-1writerssuperpowerjdA Writer’s Superpower — PDF Ebook (FREE download with your email subscription to the Writing in Overdrive FREE newsletter)

A Writer’s Superpower — Kindle ebook — coming soon

A Writer’s Superpower — Trade Paperback

Jim Denney freely admits, “I used to write slowly. And badly.” Then, in 2001, while writing a fiction series under a seemingly impossible deadline, he made a life-changing discovery: By writing quickly, without self-criticism or inhibitions, he could achieve a state of “flow” whenever he wanted. In the process, he was not only more productive, but his writing was more compelling and emotionally engaging. He was writing faster and better than ever before. He met his “impossible” deadline — and he discovered his superpower as a writer. Now he shares his discoveries with you. Open these pages, then brace for impact. Your writing life is about to change. (December 2016)

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Muse of Fire — Kindle Edition

Muse of Fire — Trade Paperback

“O for a Muse of Fire, that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention!”

If Shakespeare needed a Muse of Fire, how much more do we! That’s why Jim Denney has written MUSE OF FIRE: 90 Days of Inspiration for Writers — the ultimate book of inspiration for writers. MUSE OF FIRE consists of 90 readings, plus three bonus readings and an epilogue — three solid months and 90,000 words of pure, distilled motivation and inspiration. Each reading is from three to five pages long — just the right length to ignite your next writing session with energy and enthusiasm. (October 2015)

Write Fearlessly! — Kindle Edition

Write Fearlessly! — Trade Paperback

Don’t be ruled by fear. As Anne Rice has said, “If you’re writing, you need courage, you need faith in yourself that’s as strong as any talent you may possess.” In WRITE FEARLESSLY!, Jim Denney shows you how to find the courage to match your talent. Learn how to overcome the fear that you lack talent, the fear of the blank page, the fear that you can’t finish, the fear of taking risks as a writer, the fear of self-revelation, the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, and the fear of success. After reading this book, your confidence and motivation will soar. You’ll feel inspired and empowered to write. If fear has been holding you back, it’s time you learn to WRITE FEARLESSLY! (November 2013)


The Success Intersection by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Kindle Edition

The Success Intersection by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Hardcover

From the age of seven, Pat Williams’s greatest passion was baseball. But after two years in the minors, he had to admit it was not his greatest talent. His career as a professional baseball player was at a dead end. But a phenomenally successful career in sports was just beginning. When he combined his passion for sports with his greatest talents — leadership, salesmanship, and promotion — he found his success intersection. “When your greatest talent intersects with your greatest passion,” says Williams, “you have discovered your sweet spot in life.” In this book, Pat Williams will show you how to identify your greatest talent, pursue your greatest passion, and achieve the success in life you’ve always dreamed of. (January 2017)

How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Kindle Edition

How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Trade Paperback

An inspiring biography of one of the most influential and beloved figures of the 21st century, based on more than a thousand interviews.

Disney scholar Tim O’Day said, “I’ve read every book that has ever been written about Walt Disney, going back to some that were published in the 1930s. [How to Be Like Walt] is by far the most enjoyable to read of them all!” And Walt’s longtime friend, TV personality Art Linkletter, said, “How to Be Like Walt is a fitting tribute to Walt’s memory and an important contribution to the Disney legacy Now more than ever, we need people with the qualities Walt had: optimism, imagination, creativity, leadership, integrity, courage, boldness, perseverance, commitment to excellence, reverence for the past, hope for tomorrow, and faith in God.” (August 2004)


Vince Lombardi on Leadership by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Kindle Edition

Vince Lombardi on Leadership by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Trade Paperback

Pat Williams, the co-founder and senior vice president of the
NBA’s Orlando Magic, conducted hundreds of interviews with the people who knew Lombardi best. Then, with his writing partner Jim Denney, he wrote the definitive book on Vince Lombardi’s approach to leadership. Here’s an overview of Lombardi’s leadership principles:

• Envision a successful future — then chart a course to get there.
• Communicate your vision with passion and conviction.
• Know the people you lead; find out what motivates each one.
• Lead with character and integrity.
• Inspire confidence through your competence and success.
• Lead boldly, act decisively, don’t second-guess yourself.
• Don’t just be a boss — be a servant to your people. (August 2015)

21 Great Leaders by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Kindle Edition

21 Great Leaders by Pat Williams with Jim Denney — Hardcover

To improve your own leadership influence, study the lives of great leaders. You’ll find 21 of the greatest leaders in history in Pat Williams’ 21 GREAT LEADERS: Learn Their Lessons, Improve Your Influence. A member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic, Pat Williams has devoted his life to the study of leadership — and he shares the stories and life-changing principles of such leaders as George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Billy Graham, Walt Disney, FDR, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Margaret Thatcher. Organized around Pat’s “Seven Sides of Leadership” — Vision, Communication, People Skills, Character, Competence, Boldness, and A Serving Heart — 21 GREAT LEADERS will challenge and inspire you along your own leadership journey.

Answers to Satisfy the Soul by Jim Denney — Kindle edition

How Do I Become Successful? How Can I Increase My Luck? How Can I Put More Time in My Day? How Do I Stop Worrying? What is Love? How Can I Have a Better Relationship? Do I Have to Forgive Others? How Can I Forgive Myself? How Can I Find Happiness? What Is Truth? What Is the Meaning of Life? Why is There Evil in the World? Does God Exist? What Is the Soul?

These are just a few of the 20 perplexing questions asked — and answered! — in this powerful, insightful, life-changing book. These are questions that trouble every human soul. And these are answers that make sense, that bring confidence and peace.

“Read this book and save yourself a lifetime of searching and wondering. The answers you seek are all right here!” —Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“If you are on a quest for success, happiness, love, meaning, or God, this book is for you. Whatever you seek in life, Answers to Satisfy the Soul will speed you on your journey.” —John C. Maxwell, author of Be a People Person and founder of The INJOY Group

“Profound insights wrapped in a fun and friendly package, Answers to Satisfy the Soul is a book both ‘rare’ and ‘well-done’!” —Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s and author of Dave’s Way and Well Done! (January 2002)

MORE TITLES WILL BE ADDED in the days and weeks to come!

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