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ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: I created WritingInOverdrive.com to help writers discover how to “write in overdrive” — that is, how to write faster, write freely, and write brilliantly. Here I will share with you the superpower I discovered by accident. I hope this revolutionary approach to writing will become your superpower as well.

yellow-opt-in-newsletter-box-1ABOUT THE BIG YELLOW BOXES: I put those yellow boxes here because I HATE POPUP ADS. I especially hate those popups that jump up and block the page until you click them away. I believe in the Golden Rule, and I would never inflict on you something that aggravates me. So there are NO POPUPS on this site. I hope you’ll click the yellow box, sign up for my FREE newsletter, and enjoy your download of my FREE PDF-format ebook, A Writer’s Superpower.

ABOUT MY NEWSLETTER: Do you hate a cluttered email inbox as much as I do? I promise, I won’t barrage you with email. I’m only going to send out a dozen or so newsletters PER YEAR. Each one will be packed with information you can use, information that will motivate and inspire you to write faster, write freely, and write brilliantly. Yes, I’ll announce my latest books, and yes, I hope you’ll buy one. But whether you buy or not, we’ll still be friends — and those newsletters will still be loaded with information and insight that will make you a faster, more creative, more confident writer.

WritingOverdrive-Medium350x550LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH: See what other writers are saying about my books: Here’s the Goodreads page for Writing in Overdrive. And here are the customer reviews for Writing in Overdrive at Amazon.com. Follow me on Twitter: @WriterJimDenney. Leave a comment below. Tell me about your writing struggles. I may just post the solution to your problem.

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—Jim Denney