About Jim Denney and WritingInOverdrive.com

Jim Denney is a veteran of both traditional and indie publishing with well over a hundred books to his credit, including the Timebenders science-fantasy series for young readers (Battle Before Time, Doorway to Doom, Invasion of the Time Troopers, and Lost in Cydonia). He has co-written books with supermodel Kim Alexis, Star Trek actress Grace Lee Whitney, and two Super Bowl champions, quarterback Bob Griese and Reggie White. He has also co-written many books with Orlando Magic co-founder and vice president Pat Williams, including How to Be Like WaltLeadership Excellence, 21 Great Leaders, and Vince Lombardi on Leadership. Jim is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

“My single-minded vision for WritingInOverdrive.com,” he says, “is to help writers discover what I had to learn the hard way — the ability to write faster, write freely, and write brilliantly. I call it writing in overdrive, and I believe that this is a kind of superpower any writer can learn.

“I’ve been a full-time, self-employed writer since 1989. In those early days, it used to take me three or four months to write an 80,000-word book. Nowadays, it rarely takes me more than six weeks. My transformation from writing slowly to writing in overdrive took place over a period of a few months in late 2001 and early 2002. That’s when I discovered my writing superpower.

“I talk extensively about this experience in two books, A Writer’s Superpower (which you can download FREE as a PDF-format ebook — just click the blue box at the bottom of this page, then right-click and download), and Writing in Overdrive (which is available in both ebook and trade paperback editions). So I won’t take time to retell it here.

“After I discovered how to write in overdrive, I realized that all the writers I admired most — Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Ursula Le Guin, Michael Moorcock, Greg Benford, Orson Scott Card — were already using this same approach. They had discovered their writing superpower. They knew the secret of writing quickly and writing freely — and that’s why they wrote so brilliantly.

“That’s what this website is all about. Here I share with other writers the writing secrets  I discovered by trial and error. So click the box below and the ebook is yours FREE, no obligation. I hope you’ll also want to try out my other books for writers. I believe this revolutionary approach to writing will become your superpower as well.”

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